Stephen Ministry In Our Congregation

Do you know what Stephen Ministers do at our church? Do you know what the Stephen Ministry program is? Have you heard about it but thought it was not for you or it might be something I would like do. Here is your opportunity!!

In the next few months, we will make you aware of what Stephen Ministers do. We are starting a new Stephen Ministry class in January and we will be recruiting new people to the program. We always need Stephen Ministers, and here is your chance to find out what we do and how you can use the skills and gifts God gave you to be a Stephen Minister.

Well what skills do you need? If you are a good listener and a caring, loving individual, you probably have been a Stephen Minister in your life already. Listening is the key skill in this program. People want to be heard and want to be really listened to. Have you ever noticed you gravitate to people who really listen to you and really care how you feel? Well, that is what Stephen Ministers are trained to do. We are trained to help people, with the help of God, work through their problems, grief or whatever is troubling them.

If you are interested in what the Stephen Ministry program is, please click here to contact Pastor Karyn or use the form below to contact Gloria Kubiak.

Want to learn more about Stephen Ministry? Use the form below to contact Gloria Kubiak, a Stephen Ministry leader.

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Last chance for directory photo!…

We want to include all members in our new photo directory, but we know that some of you had to miss your scheduled appointment in October or couldn’t find an appointment time that worked for you. If you would like to submit a photo, we’ll do our best to include it. If you had a studio photo taken in the past year or two, that would be ideal, but we’ll try to make any nice photo of you work.

We need the photos by Nov. 10. Your options: 1) attach the photo to an email and send it to, 2) stop by during office hours, and we’ll scan your photo and give it back to you, 3) instruct us to use the photo that was in the 2012 directory.

Abounding In Thanksgiving

When my daughter Sarah returned from a semester in school in Scotland. I was overjoyed and so very thankful. As I patiently tried to wait for her to come through the gate, I was a bundle of nervous excited energy. I could hardly wait to hug my youngest daughter once again. She is the best hugger there is! When she finally emerged, we all gathered around her and gave her the warmest welcome with hugs and kisses and even some tears of happiness. We were all abounding in thankfulness that Sarah returned to us safe, having a wonderful semester in Scotland.