The gift of communion is Christ’s invitation for us all. Homebound members or those in nursing home care cannot make it to church and still would love to also receive that gift. Companion ministers help provide the service of delivering communion to them. They visit these members, usually monthly, give them communion, and have wonderful conversations. Good friendships are formed and the members receiving the communion feel grateful for that gift. If you love visiting with and helping people, consider becoming a companion minister. It is a very fulfilling job. Talk to one of the pastors for more information.

One Sunday after church service, there were tables set up with lists of different opportunities to volunteer. I thought this would be a way to give back for the caring and kindness, I received after my husband passed away. I added my name to a couple of lists and then came to the companion ministry list, which was asking for volunteers to bring communion to those who were unable to get out. I wondered if I would feel comfortable doing that and was I good (spiritually) enough? I remembered some of my elderly family members having communion brought to them and how much they appreciated that. So I decided to try it. It is one of the best things I do! I enjoy visiting with each person and hearing their stories. They have a strong faith and receiving communion means a lot. I feel doing companion ministry has strengthened my own faith. They alway say to me, “Thank you, thank you for bringing me communion” but I tell them, “Thank you for letting me.”

Nancy Thorson