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Summer Sermon Series: The Twelve Followers

Print out a full list of this summer’s sermon series…

Print out a full list of this summer’s sermon series…

Imagine recruiting the 12 disciples. How would you start? If your (God’s) vision is to equip, shape and grow a group of people who are to become the heart, mind and soul of a new Way; curators of a revelation from God; proclaimers of the good news that Jesus lives!—who would you draft onto your team? The smartest? The wisest? The bravest? The most clever? The most connected? The hardest worker? What background would provide the ideal potential for success?

This summer at First Lutheran, starting June 23, sermons on Sundays will explore who God chose and why. Each ‘draft pick’ tells us a lot about God, as we see from stories in Scripture that God can make use of all kinds of personalities.

John MacArthur wrote a book, “Twelve Ordinary Men”, where he says, “Not one of them was renowned for scholarship… They had no track record as orators or theologians. In fact, they were outsiders as far as the religious establishment of Jesus’ day was concerned. They were not outstanding because of any natural talents or intellectual abilities. On the contrary, they were all to prone to mistakes, misstatements, wrong attitudes, lapses of faith and bitter failure.” Talk about a ringing endorsement of the 12 disciples!

And yet, these disciples carried on a ministry after the resurrection and ascension of Jesus that somehow landed itself in Onalaska, Wisconsin, and still impacts our lives in 2019.

If you choose to make time for worship on Sundays during the summer, I want you to know it will be worth your effort as each Sunday we will explore God’s mercy, power and grace in the individual lives of the first disciples. And by considering how God made use of their lives, each of us may get a better idea of how God is calling us to be the heart, mind and soul of a Way that continues to be NEW in the face of a broken messed-up world.

Listen to the Twelve Followers sermon series here…

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