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Sunday School Spring Worship

The Sunday School Spring Worship will take place during the 6:15pm worship service on Wednesday, May 15.

  • Preschool, 4K and Grades K–2:
    Parents/Guardians, bring your children at 6pm to their opening rooms. (If you arrive early, kids need to stay with their parents, as supervision of opening rooms does not start until 6pm). Worship starts at 6:15pm and after worship please pick up your child in their opening room and return to the Narthex for fellowship and yummy treats!

  • Grades 3–5:
    Sit with parents


  • 6:00pm Drop off

  • 6:15pm Worship

  • 7:00pm Preschool, 4K and K-2nd Pick Up in Opening

  • 7:05pm Treats in Narthex

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