Travel to the Holy Land

October 8–20, 2015

In this eye-opening alternative tour of Israel and the West Bank, discover the powerful connection between faith and practice while exploring the land of the Bible. From the glittering gold domes and contested holy sites of Jerusalem to the stark natural beauty of the Negev’s endangered ecosystems, join two guides, one Arab and one Jewish, for a prayerful look at the religious, political and economic issues facing the region. This trip explores the Biblical themes of reconciliation and justice. Share in fellowship with local Christians, meditate on mountaintop outlooks, and build relationships with families from the country’s Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities, in a tour that tackles the difficult questions of faith in a broken world.

Aziz Abu Sarah is a Palestinian activist with an unusual approach to peace-keeping: Be a tourist. The TED Fellow shows how simple interactions with people in different cultures can erode decades of hate. He starts with Palestinians visiting Israelis and moves beyond ...

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