You can participate in the Kwik Rewards program by completing the “Kwik Rewards Fund-Raising” information at the bottom of the online Kwik Card application or by calling us at 1-800-305-6666.

You have the option to support First Lutheran by designating the church to receive a donation check from Kwik Trip, Inc., in lieu of redeeming your Kwik Rewards certificate(s).

First will receive your account's quarterly Kwik Rewards rebate, and in addition, Kwik Trip will donate an additional 5% of the amount equal to your eligible in-store purchases made with your Kwik Card. That's 3 cents per gallon and 15% on eligible in-store purchases. Your Kwik Rewards will start adding up the very first time you use your Kwik Card. Kwik Trip will distribute the accumulated donations to First Lutheran quarterly (via a check made payable to the First).

The donations you make through the Kwik Rewards Fund-Raising program may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax preparer. Kwik Trip will also provide you with an annual statement verifying your donation.

Milk Moola

Any milk or juice caps collected from KwikTrip bottles give 5¢ to our First Lutheran Preschool. Caps are collected in a woven basket found in the Faith Alive Resource Center.