If you are planning on presenting a slideshow, PowerPoint, or some other projection in the sanctuary, narthex, and/or fellowship hall at First Lutheran, you will need to be aware of the following…

Streaming Video

Our building has very poor Wi-Fi coverage. The one exception is our fellowship hall, where Wi-Fi coverage is acceptable. With this said, due to our poor Wi-Fi coverage, do not plan to stream videos during your presentation. If you need to show a video, download it in advance and plan to show it from your laptop.


A properly burned DVD will have these folders in it. This folder structure is universal for all DVD players, even the most basic.

Regardless of where in the church you would like to present, we strongly recommend you make a movie of your slideshow/ presentation, and then burn that movie to a DVD that can play in a basic DVD player. Do not burn a movie file to a DVD as data, and do not burn image files to a DVD as data, as these may not work as want them to in our DVD players. A properly formatted DVD will have a file structure that looks like the one in the image to the right; this is the file structure that all DVD players can read. Disc burning software makes burning movies to DVD pretty easy now adays: click here to learn more about how to burn a movie to a DVD and click here to research your options.

LAPTOP Presentations/PowerPoint

If you have a presentation/PowerPoint, we highly recommend you bring your own laptop, and the necessary adapters to connect your laptop. This will be the easiest route for you. You will need the following adapters:

  • VGA adapter (for our older equipment)
  • HDMI adapter (for use on our TVs)

Preferably, do not provide us a thumb drive / flash drive. If you plan to use one of our computers to project, you will need to know the following:

As you can see, we do not invest in PowerPoint; instead of Microsoft Office we use Google Docs and the other apps in Google Drive. If you are hoping to use PowerPoint on our computer, expect us to convert it for use on one of the above apps; note that after conversion it may not look the way you designed it. Keep in mind when copying a presentation/project from one computer to another, that issues can arise. Assets such as images can be embedded in the saved file (which is good), but they may also be linked; in which case these links can break when copying a project from one computer to another. Same goes for fonts. Fonts are always a resource of the individual computer, and not all fonts are available on all computers. A special font you like on your computer may not be available on ours. To avoid all of this, we recommend using Google Slides.

Projecting in the Sanctuary

Projecting in the sanctuary is run from our AV booth in the back. The AV booth has

  • VGA cable to connect the computer to the projector
  • A DVD and VHS player

If you will need to use our laptop, read about using our Macbook in the section above about laptops.

We can also connect a computer at the front of the sanctuary, but this requires additional set up; make certain we have advance notice if this is required.

Displaying on the narthex TV

The TV in the narthex has

  • HDMI and VGA inputs for connecting a laptop
  • Blu-ray DVD player attached to it

If you will need to use our laptop, read about using our Macbook in the section above about laptops.

Projecting in the Fellowship Hall

The projector in the fellowship hall connects to a special podium, to assist with presentations in the fellowship hall. The podium has

  • VGA cable to connect to the projector
  • A DVD player
  • A microphone

If you will need to use our laptop, read about using our Macbook in the section above about laptops.