Praise Band

Our Praise Band at First Lutheran has been together for several years. The members of this group play professionally throughout the La Crosse area but gather at First on a regular basis to use their gifts to bring praise to God.

Todd Saner is our Contemporary Music Coordinator, plays guitar, and is our lead vocalist. His enthusiastic spirit permeates the assembly when he leads worship. His arrangements of the Lutheran liturgy are used at First to bind us to our tradition and yet bring freshness to the words we sing.

Gabe Hicks, First's Organist, also sits in with the Praise Band when a member is unable to make it. Gabe is versatile as he can play both keyboard and drums. We are blessed to have him!

Jim Knutson directs First Lutheran's Ringers and also shares his gifts on drums for the Praise Band. His musical knowledge and talent is obvious: all who have ears shall hear!

Troy Birdsong plays string bass for the La Crosse Symphony, but he gets out his bass guitar for the Praise Band. He lays a sure foundation for the band and all who sing along.

Dick Daleki doesn't just teach guitar. He offers his skill to the Praise Band to add another musical voice to the mix.

Janette Hanson teaches music and can be seen around the area singing and playing jazz. She plays keyboard and adds vocals for the Praise Band.

Jenny Saner teaches music too, and has also been known to play keyboard and add vocals when needed for the Band.

Interested in joining? Have questions about the band? Click here to contact Todd Saner.

Praise the Lord!
Prasie God in God’s sanctuary;
Praise God with trumpet sound…
with lute and harp!
Praise God with tambourine and dance…
with strings and pipe!
Praise God with clanging cymbals...
with loud clashing cymbals!
Let everything that breathes praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!
— Psalm 150

Handbells and Chimes praise God at First Lutheran. Chiming and ringing are part of weekly praise!

Ringers meet each week from 5:30–6:30 Tuesday evenings. This group works hard to present music on a regular basis for worship and for public events in the La Crosse area. Once each year they do a worship exchange with an area church—making for much learning and great growth. This group also shares some very fun fellowship. Send a message to director Jim Knutson to find out more.


Senior Choir

Do you like music? Do you enjoy singing, even if it’s in the shower? Do you appreciate the power of music in worship? Then put all of these things together and join the First Lutheran Senior Choir!

You will get to know a great group of people and you will provide leadership in worship Sunday mornings as you lead our liturgy, our hymns, our songs, as you back up our contemporary group, as you sing anthems, and as you inspire us to begin anew our lives each week.

This group meets every Wednesday at 7:15 pm in the sanctuary for an hour of fun, fellowship and music-making, led by our senior choir director, Todd Saner. The choir sings each week, alternating between the 8:00 and 10:30 services. We sing a variety of music including traditional choral pieces as well as contemporary Christian arrangements. Best of all, you are always assured of getting a great seat in the sanctuary!

Click here to contact choir director Todd Sanor!