Sunshine Boys

Next meeting time…

The Sunshine Boys usually meet on the first Thursday of each month, from 9am to noon. We are an informal group performing a variety of necessary tasks around the church and property. General grounds clean-up, shrub trimming, window washing, painting, putting up and taking down Christmas decorations, pew repair, remove and replace the communion rails as needed, minor building repair, help with replacing sanctuary light bulbs (way up high!). Our “membership” varies based on who’s in town, is/is not golfing, not working on Thursday/Friday, and/or various other conflicts.

We work under the direction and guidance of custodian Mike Peper. We can always use more volunteers, as we like to share the FUN. Dues are FREE and we have great coffee breaks—rolls and coffee are supplied each day to replenish your reserves!  Please consider joining us!