OWLs Post for March 2015

The OWLs are a hearty bunch. In spite of subzero temperature, we gathered for our potluck on Ash Wednesday. Thanks to everyone who brought extra food to help feed the mid-day worshipers. After a fantastic lunch, we had a fun time learning about each other’s heritage. We found a great number of us are from Norwegian descent, but we also have a few Germans and some from England. A great time was had by all… just see the photos on the left!

For March we hope for warmer weather as we leave the confines of La Crosse for our outing. We will travel to Houston, Minnesota, on Saturday, March 7, to visit the International Owls Festival. While in Houston, we will attend one of the live owl programs featuring the International Owls Center rescue owls. We will attend the Parade of Owls Art Tour, have an owl-themed lunch and have the opportunity to shop for owl-themed merchandise and baked goods. There is an $8 admission fee to the International Owls Center. The rest of the venues are free. Lunch is on your own. We will meet at the church at 8am on Saturday, March 7, and travel as a group to Houston. No reservations are required, just meet at the church on the 7th.

Due to Brian’s travel schedule our potluck will be moved one week to Wednesday, March 25. Since it will still be Lent, we will again provide lunch for the mid-day worshipers. Please bring a little extra food to share. Back by popular demand, our program will be games. But not the type of question and answer games we had in the past. There will be different team-based games where your team will be required to use their artistic, verbal, mechanical and maybe even their gambling skills. Come prepared to have fun and laugh with your fellow OWLs. We look forward to seeing everyone in March.

Save the date: The OWLs will travel to Sugar Creek for Yesterday’s Youth on Monday, April 13.

The OWLs are a group at First that welcomes anyone, First Lutheran members or not, who are 55+. For information or to ask questions, contact Brian Narveson.