Small Group Update for August 2015

We read in the Bible that if we have faith the size of a mustard seed, we can move a mountain (Matthew 17:20). Mustard seeds are tiny, but when nurtured—just like our faith—they can grow into something hardy. Something strong. Something that will flourish in all kinds of places, at all different times. Isn’t that what we aspire to have? Likely you have observed a person and thought, wow, their faith is so strong. I hope I have faith like that one day. In my former job, I was a little bit famous for saying “hope is not a strategy.” You won’t nurture and grow your faith just by hoping for it. It takes intentional action to nurture your faith.

So what can you do? Talk to others about how their life is being touched by God. Read a book that helps you understand how God is working in your life and how important you are to God. Share time with others and listen to what they are thankful for. So how do you do all that?

Join a small group here at First. Throughout August, you will hear about a variety of small groups that will start the week of September 20. Maybe you’d like to start with the basics on the Bible—The Greatest Story, An Introduction to the Bible will be one small group study. There will be a new women’s group that will study Brene Brown’s The Gift of Imperfection. I am very excited about another study called Making Sense of the Christian Faith. This isn’t the full list, so please keep reading the announcements and emails.

The groups will meet for varying lengths of time, from 8 weeks to 16 weeks, depending on the study. At the end of the original study, participants will decide if they would like to stay together for another study, or perhaps a subset of the group will continue together. Or you might choose to totally take a break. It’s all good. But at the end of your time together, you will have gotten to know some other people and will have discovered something about yourself and will have learned something about your faith. Promise.