OWLs Post for October 2015

September began with a fun potluck and music from the ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s sitting on the deck at the Narvesons. It was a beautiful day and fun was had by all. The month was completed with a tour of Mayowood Mansion and Gardens in Rochester.

September started with a lot of musical fun. For our October potluck, we will get everyone involved talking about the music they love. In September, Brian picked out the tunes. In October it’s time for everyone to remember back to the days of their youth and bring the name of one or two songs that you really enjoyed or had a special meaning to you. Brian will bring his music machine (computer) and play a portion of each song (provided he can find it on the Internet). We will ask each person to tell a story about why this music is special to them. If you have a favorite artist or version of the music on CD, feel free to bring it and we will play the CD. Due to Mary and Brian’s trip to Europe the first part of October, the potluck will be postponed one week to the fourth Wednesday, October 28. We will meet at noon in the fellowship hall so we can use the sound system.

Music will also be the centerpiece of the October outing. On Monday, October 26 we will once again invade the Heider Center in West Salem to hear The Paragon Ragtime Orchestra. It is the world’s only year round professional ensemble recreating "America’s Original Music". From movies, radio and TV to Disney theme music at Main St. USA, their music is universal. It promises to be a foot-stomping good time. We will meet at the church at 4:30pm on Monday, October 26 and have dinner together at a local establishment. From there we will depart for the Heider Center. Cost of the concert is $22 for seniors. Dinner is on your own. Since tickets have to be reserved, please let Brian Narveson know if you are planning on attending by Thursday night, October 22 by emailing owls@firstlu.org or calling 608.526.9700. You can pay Brian for the tickets the night of the concert.

Hope to see everyone for a fun and musical October.

The OWLs are a group at First that welcomes anyone, First Lutheran members or not, who are 55+. For information or to ask questions, contact Brian Narveson at owls@firstlu.org.