Clothes Closet Update for December 2016

What is our most precious resource? The thing we all wish we had more of, to use, to share with our families and to give to others?

Surely, it is time. While we guard our time closely and feel we never have enough of it, it is when we give that time that we receive the most back. Volunteers who have given their time to serve as hosts for the First Teen Clothes Closet recently shared the moments of time when they were able to see and feel how this ministry is about so much more than clothes.

A few of their moments when they appreciated why they give their time:

  • Helping a young woman with disabilities find the clothes she needed to be a part of the Miss Remarkable pageant, seeing her light up with excitement about what she had planned.
  • Sharing in the grief and relief of a grandmother helping her 12-year-old granddaughter find the shoes and clothes she needed to attend a funeral.
  • Watching the almost-giddy joy of a teen girl who had never shopped with anyone but her father accessorize an outfit with jewelry and makeup while visiting the Clothes Closet with a teacher from her school.
  • Feeling the pride and determination of a young man looking for clothes and wallet so he could start applying for jobs to help support his family.
  • Teaching young men from the Boys & Girls Club how to tie their new ties (and how to keep the knot in them when they take them off!) and watching them walk out with a new sense of confidence.

As one volunteer said: “There are dynamics outside of the clothes.”

And that is why we are so grateful to the support the Clothes Closet receives in monetary donations, donations of clothing and most importantly, the donation to time. These young people can feel the caring when we give our most precious commodity to be there for them.

If you are interested in giving of your time for the Clothes Closet, whether witnessing the appreciation of the teens we serve as a host for appointments or special partner events with groups such as the Boys & Girls Club, as a shopper when items are needed, as a sorter/stocker in the closet, or in some other capacity, please contact a committee member or the church office.

May you receive the gift of joy this Christmas, as we share our gifts and our time with others!