Clothes Closet Update for January 2019


What an amazing congregation and community we have, serving as the hands of Christ in the world! Last month, we saw a wonderful example of generosity and giving in a time when so many are already being asked for so much.

On Dec. 12, our First Teen Clothes Closet team learned that our partners at the Children’s Clothes Closet were going to suspend their open hours because they were simply too low on inventory. We put out the call on our Facebook page asking for donations—a call that was shared dozens of time and reached nearly 3,000 people!

On Dec. 16, Pastor Karyn Bodenschatz challenged the congregation to join her in filling her vehicle full of children’s clothes by the next afternoon, and our members rose to the challenge.


By Dec. 18, THIS is what the basement sorting room for the Children’s Clothes Closet at Trinity Lutheran looked like. 

Your generosity in helping the children of La Crosse is the image of Faith Alive.

Thank you!