Sunday School Update for April 2019

Hello Sunday School Families!

Effective Sunday, March 31, openings for K-5 have changed as follows: 

  • Preschool and 4K will remain the same.

  • Children in grades K-2: Opening in the choir room, with Christiana Martin (they will be learning songs for the Spring Worship!).

  • Children in grades 3-5: Opening in the Pertzsch gym with Laura Munson; enter through door D, parents can drop them off there (they will be designing their part of Spring Worship).

  • Children in grade 5: Faith Building Block in the Fellowship hall (parents and students). This is for March 31 and April 7 only. Starting April 28 Grade 5 will meet at Pertzsch Gym.

Music and ways to practice for the Spring Worship will be emailed very soon.

The reason for these changes are in response to feedback from volunteers and students. The majority of the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders seem to be disengaged during opening which has been distracting and is not beneficial to anyone involved. I am very excited to have this option ready for them so they can experience God's presence in this new space!

This is our remaining schedule!

  • March 31st: New Openings and regular Sunday school!

  • April 7th: New Openings and Regular Sunday school

  • April 14th: No Sunday school… Pancake Breakfast

  • April 21st: No Sunday school… Easter

  • April 28th: New Openings and Regular Sunday school

  • May 3rd: New Openings and Regular Sunday school

  • May 12th: Rehearsal for Sunday school Spring Worship

  • May 15th 6:15: Sunday School Spring Worship

  • May 19th: Last Day of Sunday school and VBS preview!!!

If you have any questions please ask.


Beth Miller

PS: I am always willing to hear how you would like to help! Are you interested in co-teaching a Sunday school class? Are you interested in playing games and doing crafts with kiddos during VBS... Can't wait to hear what you would like to do to help our congregations youth grow in God's love!