Sermon Notes

Sermon notes are meant to be used… 

  • During worship to write down things you hear that surprise, shock, or otherwise strike a chord with you. 
  • At home, to think about what you heard during the sermon and what it means to you, in your life, right now. 
  • In small groups, to share your thoughts and to listen to others talk about how they heard the sermon and were moved by it. 

Sermon notes are available from the ushers and right here on our website…


NOTE: Readings listed in the link above are tentative. Actual readings used during worship are determined by the pastors on a weekly basis, and therefore are subject to change.

Click here to listen to the audio of our Narrative Lectionary readings.

Sermon Audio

Pastor Stanton, Pastor Karyn, and other guest preachers present the message each week that seek to take the scriptures of the day and help them connect to our daily lives. Listen to them here or download a sermon to play on your iPod, phone, tablet, or other media player. You can subscribe to our sermon podcast using the various apps to the right…