Do you shop and eat at these locations?

Do you shop and eat at these locations?

Shop with Scrip

Help support our youth by using gift cards instead of cash!

A percentage of your shopping will go toward helping the youth be able to pay for their mission trips, camp trips, and other youth ministry events. It costs nothing to you—we just need you to change how you pay.

Set-Up Instructions

  1. Click here to go to the "Join a Scrip Program" page on the site

  2. Enter enrollment code: 4FLL5D9943882

  3. Create a username and password

  4. Enter your general account information

  5. Enter which student you are raising money for
    (if it’s not for a specific student, enter “Youth Ministry” into the group option)

Note Re: Delivery of Physical Gift Cards

Due to shipping expenses incurred by the church when physical gift cards are ordered, the church attempts to group as many cards into the delivery as possible. For this reason, physical gift cards that are ordered through Shop with Scrip may take several months to be delivered.

If you need physical gift cards in a timely manner, we recommend NOT ordering them from Shop with Scrip.

Presto-Pay Set-Up Instructions

PrestoPay makes the shopping even easier! Please sign up for PrestoPay so you can do online payments and print off barcodes to use right from your home. We ask that you use this method for every transaction unless a store only allows physical gift cards. If you don’t have a printer, stop by the church office and we can print your barcodes for you!

  1. Log into and click on the Dashboard button

  2. Click on the PrestoPay link listed under “Family Functions” on the left hand side

  3. Enter your bank info (use a voided check)

  4. Wait about 2 business days for PrestoPay to deposit a micro-amount of money into your bank account

  5. When the amounts have been deposited, return to the PrestoPay link to verify your account

  6. You will receive an approval code that you will need to send to Pastor Stanton (you can use the form below)

  7. Log back into your Dashboard and click on the PrestoPay link (located about halfway down the page on the right)

  8. Enter your two small amounts and create a 4 digit pin that will let you pay with PrestoPay every time.

  9. Once Pastor Stanton has verified your account, you are good to go!

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Name of Youth
Name of Youth

Other Scrip Programs

We offer other scrip programs for local business that are not part of the "Shop With Scrip" program above. The cards for the scrip programs below are sold in the narthex between services, from participating youth, and from the church office during office hours (M–F 8am–4pm). Like the "Shop With Scrip" program above, a percentage of your shopping with these cards will go toward helping the youth pay for their mission trips, camp trips, and other youth ministry events. The specific percentage earned by the youth varies from program to program.

  • Festival Foods

  • Kwik Trip

  • Woodman's