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Small Group studies abound at First Lutheran! We are happy to get you connected to a group that can meet your schedule or interest. Keep an eye on this page or subscribe to our updates and/or newsletter, to learn more about our small group happenings on a regular basis! 

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Sermon Notes & Podcast

One of the many blessings of being a part of First Lutheran Church is our wonderful worship, including sermons that challenge us to think about how we live a Christian life in this secular world. To help you “take the sermon home” and let it stir in your mind and heart beyond just the worship service, we have begun to develop sermon notes.

Sermon notes are meant to be used…

  • During worship to write down things you hear that surprise, shock, or otherwise strike a chord with you.

  • At home, to think about what you heard during the sermon and what it means to you, in your life, right now.

  • In small groups, to share your thoughts and to listen to others talk about how they heard the sermon and were moved by it.

Maybe right now you aren’t in a small group. You can still use the notes to discuss the sermon with your family. Or, you might decide this is the time to join a small group because the use of sermon notes is an easy way to have a discussion without spending a lot of preparation time.

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Small Group Leaders

Small group leaders, click here to use the Team Checklist form to submit requests for building usage and event promotion.