Clothes Closet Shifts

Sign up for the times you are willing to host an appointment. We need 2 people for each appointment. Signing up for a time slot does not guarantee that you will have an appointment. You will receive an email from Tamara when/if she books an appointment for your time slot. Please check after 4pm the evening before your time slot. We will not make same day appointments without calling hosts to confirm availability.

Hand Drawn Worship Lyrics

Our tech guy, Andy, is interested in displaying hand drawn lyrics on our worship slides, and would like your assistance. Watch the tutorial below (or check out this link), and if you think you’d be interested in working with Andy to create some hand drawn slides, fill out the form below to let him know and together you can pick out a song to start working on.

Hillsong has a video that gives you glimpses of this type of hand drawn lyrics in use at one of their concerts…

Another video by Hillsong that has inspired hand drawn lyrics.

Possible songs for hand drawn lyrics…

  • #860 I’m So Glad Jesus Lifted Me

Name *

Projection Leaders

Please be at church 15 minutes before worship begins, so Pastors can inform you of any changes or anything they would like to add to worship.

We use ProPresenter software for projection; click here to learn more about ProPresenter's interface.


Sign up to read as many times as you would like.  The reading will be sent to you or e-mailed to you if requested before the Sunday you will read.  

Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of the prophecy.
— Revelation 1:3

Youth Group Meals for Middle & High School

Each Sunday a meal is served at 5:30 in Fellowship Hall for both the Middle School Youth Group and the High School Youth Group. Whether you 'order out' from Famous Dave's, get it catered by Festival or bring a crockpot (or two) of sloppy joe meat, families are encouraged to sign up for at least one Sunday a year.

The support of our entire congregation has made this program an intricate part of First Lutheran's church community. If you have an event or activity you would like to host or see happen here please contact Pastor Stanton.