Sunday School

Education hour is on Sundays, from 9:15–10:15am
from the third Sunday in September through May

Parent drop-off, 9:15am…

  • Preschool & 4K, opening in 4K rm
  • Gr K–5, opening in sanctuary

Parent pick-up at 10:15am:

  • Preschool & 4K, in rooms
  • Gr K–5, in sanctuary

Sunday School Calendar



If you have not gotten a chance to register for Sunday school, come anyway; new registrations are welcome any time of the year! We will show you where to go. Contact Sunday School Superintendent, Beth Miller, using he form below, or stop in the Sunday School office in room 206 to pick up the registration form.

Recent Updates...

Faith Building Blocks

Throughout the year each age group will have a special “Faith Building Block” session in which parents or special adults are asked to attend class with their child. The session lasts for three weeks; the first class is usually for parents/guardians only; the remaining classes are for the child and their parents/guardians to attend together, sharing in conversation and growing together in faith. After this class, children will have a presence in worship in celebration of the Faith Building Block they have learned about.

2018–2019 Schedule for Faith Building Blocks

You will receive a letter in the mail reminding you when the class will be starting. Classes meet during the Sunday School hour, at 9:15am; unless stated otherwise in mailings or in announcements that day, most classes meet in the fellowship hall. Note that the schedule below is subject to change. 

Spark Bible.jpg

Spark Bibles

Kids if you have not received your Bible, please stop by the Sunday school office on Sunday morning to let us know!! 

Contact the Sunday School Superintendent...

If you have questions, feedback, or suggestions regarding Sunday School, please find Beth Miller on any Sunday in the Sunday School office (room 206), or use the form below to contact her.

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