Confirmation ministry at First Lutheran is teen–relevant, age-appropriate, active, modern, and theologically sound.

We seek to take the faith given by God in baptism and nourish it in ways that our youth discover Faith Alive!

Upcoming Events

Confirmation Calendar

Wednesday, October 24, 2018—Celebration Dinner and Rehearsal

  • 5:30 Rehearsal in the sanctuary
  • 6:15 Celebration dinner in the fellowship hall for confirmands and their families
  • 7:45 Pictures (group and individual)

Sunday, October 28, 2018—Affirmation of Baptism Worship

  • 1:00 Confirmands meet in the choir room
  • 1:30 Service begins

Confirmation Timeline

This timeline is meant to describe the basic shape of the Confirmation Program. Specific dates will be provided as events and milestones come closer.

Act I

  • Grade 6: Confirmation Bible Class—Old Testament
  • Grade 7: Confirmation Bible Class—New Testament

In 6th and 7th grade, our kids meet on Sundays from 9:15–10:15am on the same schedule as our Sunday School.  6th grade is taught by lay leaders and is devoted to Bible stories. This is the time when kids get more deeply familiar with biblical characters and the overall biblical narrative from the creation story in Genesis to the new creation story in the gospels. The pastors will share teaching duties for 7th grade which will be devoted to the lessons of Luther’s Small Catechism.  

Act II

  • Confirmation Camp at Sugar Creek Bible Camp
    (summer between grades 7 & 8)
  • Grade 8: Confirmation University Year 1
  • Grade 9: Confirmation University Year 2

In 8th and 9th grade, our kids meet on Wednesdays from 7–8pm.  For these two years, confirmands meet in small groups every week to begin learning to receive the gift of Christian fellowship as they not only share and listen to each other’s highs and lows, but they will also use this time to process faith questions raised in workshops.

Act III 

  • Grade 10: Faith Stories, Affirmation of Baptism Service

10th graders meet on Wednesdays from 7–8pm for six weeks in September and October before their rehearsal/celebration in October and confirmation day.  We will use the Wednesdays in September and early October to prepare for confirmation Sunday and to think about what happens next?  (Peer Ministry, we hope! It’s their choice.)


Confirmation Downloads

Service Projects

Service will be done in three key areas:

  • The home: Each confirmation family is asked to serve the community in a service of their choosing. This must include the student and at least one member of the family. Once the service has been complete, the student will fill out a service report form.
  • The church: Five hours of service in worship is expected each year. See the list below for ideas.
  • The community: Each confirmation small group will complete at least one service project in the community. When this project is completed they will fill out a service report form.

Church Service Ideas

Each confirmand is expected to assist with worship to fulfill five hours of service hours. These can be as follows; use the links below to sign up online.

Community Service Ideas

These are ideas for small groups...


Every year our confirmands share their faith stories with their church family. View the most recent one below.


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